The price of home heating oil under Trump … was about $2.25 per gallon. Under Biden I now have to pay $5.09 per gallon. To fill up my gas tank, with Trump & his energy independence policies I was paying $2.00 per gallon. Under Biden I spend $4.45 per gallon. This is insane and has to stop. In order to take a shower, I can’t take one as much like I used to. I have to boil water from a kettle and pour it in a plastic dishpan and sponge bath to clean up. I can’t drive as much anymore or can barely afford to buy groceries thanks to this potato head Resident Biden. This man has no shame and most likely wouldn’t know the difference because of how badly senile, incoherent, and inconsiderate he really is. The man and his policies just sucks and so does everyone in his administration. The midterms can’t come soon enough to hopefully slow or stop this assault on the working lower & middle class.