Raising two girls who have continued to play sports into their collegiate lives has been an absolute source of pride. Having a swimmer and a runner also means that I have watched, through the years what a difference male time standards and female time standards truly are. The age at the which I really felt the males began to distance themselves from the females was age 11. You really begin to see, as the boys just begin to dominate. How can any sensible human being not understand this concept?

My daughter who runs in college is regularly asked by males to race them, because they think they can beat her. And when she does and they lose, there’s always an excuse. “You have more stamina,” or “I’m not a sprinter,” or a multitude of other excuses. It’s never oh yes, you train really hard 6+ times a week and you train through injuries. It’s never about the amount of time they put into their craft. Why? Because, biologically men are built differently.

The same amount of work by female and a male are not going to garner the same results. That’s why there are different time standards for both sexes. If this were not the obvious case then why have the different standards? Why because then it would only ever be men that held top records? How can we have biologically born males competing in the same category as biologically born females. Someone, somewhere has to stand up and think about how these NCAA policies are setting women back further. And we are just sitting here, letting men set us back. We as women as doing a disservice to all the young female athletes coming through the ranks. What happened to girl power?