I’m a former collegiate athlete (swimmer). My senior year (2018) was a time when this “woke” generation was coming about. We had one trans female to male in our swimming division. He was not allowed to swim with the males even when he identified as one because he did not go through the hormone change till after he was finished with his career. With that said he still swam with the females because that was his gender. That’s was his “fair” race. He wasn’t beating these women by seconds!

When I heard about this male to female competing in a female race. I asked myself how is that fair! He has a male body. He is built different. But you couldn’t make this argument in this “woke” nation. People argued it was fair. But honestly seeing a male going from 500th in the male division to 1st in the denial is not right.

If you were to have the top denials swim the males I’m pretty sure they would land in the 100s and not top spot! It’s honestly heartbreaking that these women who train hard got their hard work ripped out from under them because a male who now identifies as a female came in and took their awards. It’s just not right.

So how come a trans female to male can’t swim with the males but a trans male to female can? Make it make sense. A biological males body is not the same as a biological females.