I have always lived with my parents, my dad passed away about 2 years ago and my mom passed away this June. My parents were my best friends and they helped me and I helped them. I am disabled (I am bipolar and have severe anxiety, etc.). I am on my own, thankfully my parents worked hard and paid off our house otherwise there is no way I could stay here. I have around $750 a month to live on. While I am very grateful for the assistance I receive, this does not help much when prices keep increasing. While I do not have a house payment, I still have my power bill, groceries, cable, home insurance and many other expenses. Plus there is always something coming up, just had to pay taxes on home which were extremely high (plus right at Christmas). I do not drive so I’m almost always home, but I just feel so overwhelmed. While I’ve always wanted to move to another state, I just don’t see that happening. If and when I run out of money, I will have to live with my sister, and she doesn’t have an extra bedroom. I am grateful that at least I have somewhere to go and I’m in a much better position than so many others. My electric bill is very high so I’ve had to turn my heat way down and my house stays very cold, but I figure I’ll get used to it.