I was on the champion league soccer team my entire youth through teens. Always on the first-place winning team, because my dad helped coach and he’d been a world cup player in his youth. When I was 16 yrs old, my first place girls’ team practiced next to a 12yrs old boys team. They were 2 age divisions lower than us. They were not first-place winners either. Our coaches had us scrimmage often. They ALWAYS beat us, and badly!!! It infuriated and humiliated us. It was a huge ego boost for the younger boys’ team. Our coaches wanted us to practice against a team far beyond our physical capabilities, so we’d improve. It worked. This is the ONLY appropriate situation to have boys and girls play soccer together. If matched at the same age… it’s a joke! I TOTALLY honor every individual’s rights to love who they want, dress how they want, identify as they want… BUT women are physically smaller, weaker, and physically too different than biologically born males!!! Women and girls will have no place in sports and physical activities if biological males are in women’s activities. Not only is there no chance to compete and win… During noncompetitive or low competition game playing, the females are in far greater danger of being hurt and injured! This is why youth programs separate groups by gender and ages to play games. When dividing mixed age and genders into teams, they have to be equally mixed, to make the teams fair, but also to make gameplay safer. This is AGAIN another issue where females’ rights, equality, and safety are being compromised! Worse yet, another minority group those who are sexually or gender alternative, are being manipulated into destroying females’ rights and safety.

There’s an easy solution: All participants in physical sports and games, do need to be grouped by their biological gender. I don’t even identify as a human often, but for sports, I was born a female and so that’s how I should be legally grouped. I might use supernatural abilities to win, just as the majority of olympiads and world-ranked athletes do… But within my proper grouping, it’s not unfair nor unsafe to others for me to accel. This is the difference.