I purchase approximately 15 gallons of gas each week for my vehicle. Price of a gallon of gas has gone up $1.40/gallon. That equates to almost a $1,100/year increase in cost(s) to me. My wife travels less and her impact will be about $900/year. That’s approximately $2,000/year out of our budget without anything in return! If I travel by car for vacations, that number will increase significantly. We have not seen the economic impact on home heating yet since we are entering the heating season now, but the initial estimates are coming in at 30% more for home heating with gas. Living in a cold-weather state could push this another $1,500/year higher. I had contracted with a builder to build an overhang. Before we started, I had to pay an extra $1,400 due to originally quoted materials increased in price by the time we signed the contract. Also, masons decided to gouge us since they knew we needed them and wanted thousands more over their original quoted price. Thankfully, I called in several favors to stop the hemorrhaging of money. However, this still increased our costs by another $2,500.