I am a mom to a 10-year-old girl who is a great swimmer, and her coaches believe that she has the potential to win a collegiate swim scholarship in her future. She is also the top player on her competitive basketball team as point guard. However, watching the trend in female sports, allowing biological males to compete against biological females, I am discouraging her from putting in time and effort, sacrificing her social life, especially during her high school years, to pursue swimming and basketball to be a collegiate athlete (with the goal of pursing an engineering degree). I have informed her that the science is against her when it comes to competing against a biological male, regardless of her talents and hard work. There is a reason why swim qualifying times for males and females are different from elementary age on up. There is a reason why basketball leagues have girls’ and boys’ teams. What will prevent more and more male athletes, who do not have the talents to compete against other males in their sports, from taking hormone suppressants simply to beat female athletes for those college scholarships? They are not required to go through the full physical changes, ex. surgical sex change, before qualifying to compete as a “female”, so they can stop taking the hormone suppressants once [they] get that free college education, paid by the scholarship that they robbed from more deserving female athletes. Even if a biological male takes hormone suppressants after puberty, he still has the advantage of the male physique. The average height of women in the US is 5’6″ and 5’9″. Science has shown that males have more muscle mass and strength in both the upper and lower body than females, by as much as 40%! These scientific facts MATTER!