It’s an insidious thing. Inflation. Little by little prices go up. My dollar buys less. My story isn’t one of epic proportion or grand moments. My story is going to the store and swiping my debit card, thinking, “This seems more expensive.” And then walk out and live with it. And the next time, “This seems so much more expensive.” and just ready myself for the same effect each time I go grocery shopping. Or fill up the gas tank. My reserves are not building up like they used to. And yet, there’s nothing I can do about it. Politicians and pundants blame the “other” side, unable to grasp the concept that they each contributed to inflation. Either by action or lack of action. So while they all drone on about how things would be different if only this-or-that had been done instead, my dollar has less purchasing power. And no one is offering a solution. My story has no ending, I’m afraid. It’s not very unique either. My only solution now. Eat less. Drive less…just be less so the powers-that-be can trip over themselves, blaming each other and not fixing a damn thing.