Competitive sport is a zero-sum game where some athletes make the cut, and others do not; someone wins, and others lose. In a zero-sum competition, the inclusion of male-bodied athletes in women’s sport inevitably denies opportunities to female athletes. Claims to the contrary deny science, defy logic, and undermine Title IX.

Myth + Fact


Allowing male-bodied athletes to participate in women’s sports won’t disadvantage women and girls. Transgender athletes who were born male lose any competitive advantage over females once they start suppressing testosterone.


Athletes who were born male maintain many of the physical advantages of natal males after fully transitioning. In head-to-head competitions, allowing male-bodied athletes to play women’s sports will limit female athletes’ chances of success. And on teams with limited roster spots, allowing male-bodied athletes to participate will take spots, playing time, and scholarships away from women and girls.

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