National Women’s Sport Week, initiated by Independent Women’s Forum in 2022 and observed annually during the week of June 23, recognizes female athletes—past, present, and future—for their athletic participation and achievement in sport.

National Women’s Sports Week coincides with the anniversary of Title IX, landmark legislation passed in 1972. Title IX transformed sports by guaranteeing women and girls the right to equal athletic opportunities.

National Women’s Sports Week celebrates the incredible expansion of opportunities for female athletes since the passage of Title IX in 1972 and recognizes the role of Title IX in guaranteeing equal athletic opportunities. The week also honors the coaches and parents who empower female athletes. 

National Women’s Sports Week recognizes that athletic participation helps women and girls develop confidence, initiative, and leadership skills.

National Women’s Sports Week is a time to:

  • CHAMPION female athletes for their teamwork, resilience, and success. 
  • HONOR the coaches and parents who support female athletes.
  • FIGHT to ensure the continuation of single-sex athletic competition.

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Sample Social Media Post Copy:

  • We can’t ignore biology. XY≠XX – there are differences between male and female bodies that make athletic competition between the two unacceptable. Stand up for #FemaleAthletes this #WomensSportsWeek:
  • Protecting #WomenInSports is integral for women of all generations. We are proud to join @IWF + @IWN in celebrating National #WomensSportsWeek June 23-29 to recognize and celebrate the importance of female athletes!
  • We are proud to join @IWF + @IWN in celebrating National #WomensSportsWeek. Women deserve better than being erased in athletics.
  • #WomensSports are about more than just athletics, they’re about boosting confidence, reaching your highest potential, and working with others. Female athletics are crucial to all generations. This week, we are standing up for these athletes by celebrating National #WomensSportsWeek.
  • We must protect and support #WomenInSports. Join us, in collaboration with @IWF and @IWN  in celebrating National #WomensSportsWeek!
  • When men are allowed to compete as women, female athletes lose opportunities. It’s not right. And it’s not fair. This National #WomensSportsWeek, stand up for female athletes and single-sex competition.
  • We are joining @IWF + @IWN in celebrating Naitonal #WomensSportsWeek, because allowing XY athletes to compete with XX athletes puts women’s physical safety at risk and takes away valuable opportunities for women and girls.
  • Allowing biological males on women’s teams hinders female opportunities to compete and earn scholarships. XY≠XX. Take back #TitleIX and fight for a level playing field. #WomensSportsWee
  • #TitleIX turns 50 this year, let’s protect women’s hard earned gains. We are celebrating National #WomensSportsWeek June 23-29 to champion female athletes for their teamwork, resilience, and success.  

Competitive sport is a zero-sum game where some athletes make the cut, and others do not; someone wins, and others lose.

In a zero-sum competition, the inclusion of male-bodied athletes in women’s sport inevitably denies opportunities to female athletes. Claims to the contrary deny science, defy logic, and undermine Title IX.

National Women’s Sports Week is the perfect time to STAND UP for female athletes and single-sex competition.

Learn more about what’s at stake by hearing from female athletes themselves. Visit Female Athlete Stories to read, watch, and listen.


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