American women are working harder and doing more than ever before. They are achieving more professionally, and many are balancing these professional successes with vibrant personal lives. We need modern public policies that work just as hard to give women more resources and opportunities to succeed.

Four years ago, Independent Women’s Forum released the “Working for Women” agenda that laid out specific policy reforms to create the conditions for a growing economy that offers a wide variety of jobs with different benefit packages and work arrangements. Many of those recommendations have been implemented and our overall economic conditions have improved leading to abundant job opportunities, increased wages and benefits, and a working world which is increasingly more dynamic, innovative, and flexible.

There is still more work to do. 

This second edition of “Working for Women” provides an updated picture of our economy and progress on many workplace issues. It also advances solutions to foster a stronger economic environment that gives women more choice, opportunities, and resources to build the careers and lives that they want for themselves and their families today and in the future.